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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Olivia Cimadevilia is a fully certified Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Therapist with over 15 years of experience. Olivia is now expanding her private practice in Redfern, here in our clinic, and has continued to refine her MLD technique and expertise through regular advanced training. She has numerous qualifications for her practice such as; Diploma Remedial Massage, Diploma Sport Massage, certification in Oncology Massage (OM2), certification in Pregnancy Massage as well her recertification every two years.

Massage treatments:
• MLD* and lymphoedema
• MLD pre-post cosmetic surgery (recovery)
• Dr vodder combined decongestive therapy
• MLD and lipoedema
• Oncology massage
• Low level laser therapy

*MLD is Manual Lymphatic Drainage
- See more information below on the types of services 

Olivia works in the clinic on Thursdays.
For any bookings related to Olivia please call us on 02 9319 3808. Bookings are essential

MLD and lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition that can be successfully improved and managed with a combination of:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Compression Therapy
  • Skin Care
  • Exercise

If you are experiencing sensations of tightness, fullness, discomfort or tingling in your limbs or if your shoes or rings are feeling tighter, then these may be early signs of lymphoedema.

Treatment is individualised for each client and not all the components may be necessary in all cases.

A regular maintenance plan will be discussed with your therapist.



  • Patient medical history
  • Circumferential measurement
  • If necessary compression garment prescription
  • Education
  • Skin Care
  • Self Massage (simple routine)
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr Vodder Method)
  • Address Shoulder Range of Movement (ROM) if necessary
  • Address scar tissue and axillary web syndrome
  • Low level laser therapy (if necessary)


MLD and lipoedema​

Lipoedema is a chronic disorder that affects almost exclusively women and is characterised by bilateral, symmetrical abnormal fatty tissue accumulation mainly in the hip region and upper and lower legs.

11% of Australian women are affected.

It develops and often progresses around periods of hormonal changes in the body puberty, pregnancy and menopause.



  • Symmetrical accumulation of fatty tissue in legs usually from waist to ankles, feet not affected.
  • Persistent enlargement despite elevation of the extremities or after weight loss.
  • Sufferers complain of heavy, aching legs.
  • Bruising is easy because of the fragility of vascular walls.
  • Legs can be very hypersensitive to touch and pressure.
  • Difficult to comply with compression garments because the underlying lipoedemic fat, which is very painful.

Currently there is no cure for lipoedema, however, it can be managed with a variety of consistent techniques and therapies, which help to reduce the oedema, the pain and delay the progressive nature of lipoedema.


MLD It is a unique therapeutic method of stimulating the movement of fluids in the body tissue.

This gentle, rhythmic, pumping massage movements follow the direction of the lymph flow and produce rapid results. It assists the cutaneous lymphatics in picking up and removing fluids and waste products from our system.

Regular MLD will help to reduce oedema.

MLD is highly recommended for lipoedema sufferers who are sensitive to touch or experience pain when touched. Several studies have shown that MLD has a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.

The frequency and duration of MLD treatments depends on the severity of the lipoedema.


Oncology massage

Oncology massage is the modification of existing massage techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatments.

Anyone who has ever received cancer treatments are best served by a therapist who has received training in oncology massage.

Essentials aspects of an oncology massage therapist’s skills are an informed understanding of the disease itself and the many ways it can affect the human body: The side effects of cancer treatments through medications, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The therapist has the ability to modify massage techniques in order to adapt to these side effects.

Oncology Massage improves the quality of life for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer.

It reduces the side effects experienced from conventional treatment of cancer and the symptoms of the disease process itself.

Patients of OM are often pleasantly surprised by the depth of relaxation, improved energy levels, improved sleep, relief from nausea, pain, dry mouth, memory problems.

International research reports:

  • 47% improvement in pain level
  • 42% improvement in fatigue levels
  • 59% improvement in anxiety levels
  • 51% improvement in nausea levels
  • 48% improvement in reports of depression

(Ref: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre NY, 2004)


MLD pre-post cosmetic surgery (recovery)

How does it work:

During cosmetic surgery, pathways become temporally congested causing excess cellular debris, metabolic waste dead cells and fluid which accumulate in the tissue leading to swelling and discomfort.

The role of the lymphatic system is to remove the congestion from the affected area as quickly and efficiently as possible.

MLD treatment reduces swelling quicker, resulting in less pain, faster healing and less scar tissue formation.

Bar Rademaker Cosmetic Surgeon says:

“Effective MLD definitely improves surgical outcomes and speed of recovery”

How soon you can start MLD depends on the procedure and your cosmetic surgeon.



MLD treatment before cosmetic surgery helps to prepare the area of the body about to undergo an operation by draining excess fluids from the cells.

The effect of MLD treatment may reduce the risk of post surgical complications such as infections, excessive swelling, bruising and scar tissue that can later restrict mobility.

The experience will also help you enter the surgery with a peaceful mind.

It is recommended to have a treatment prior to and as close to the date of surgery as possible.


MLD is often recommended by plastic surgeons in Europe and USA to improve healing and reduce recovery time after surgery.

MLD is a very gentle treatment which can be received at a very early post operative stage. (Upon surgeon's approval).

Patients receiving MLD immediately begin to relax and quickly feel the discomfort and pain diminish and disappear.


BENEFITS of MLD to cosmetic surgery patients

  • Pain management. As pressure of lymph fluid decreases around the nerves, pain and discomfort are relieved.
  • Swelling, bruises and oedema may reduce quicker.
  • Healing process is accelerated.
  • Prevention of scar tissue formation and fibrosis is reduced.
  • Tissue quality is improved, better visible results are achieved.

Treatment frequency after surgery will depend on the operation and the patient.



  • Face lifts and facial reconstructions
  • Liposuction (all types)
  • Breast augmentations
  • Tummy-tuck
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Brow and eye lid surgery
  • Others
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